The transfer of ownership of a vehicle is to be applied in the concerned Registering Authority office where vehicle is already registered and following are the documents to be submitted :-

If the vehicle is transferred to a person who resides in the same state where the vehicle is registered, the fact should be intimated to the R.A. within 14 days.

In the case of a vehicle, registered in other state, within 45 days.

Documents required
  • FORM 29 –signed by seller.
  • FORM 30 –signed by seller and purchaser.
  • Address proof of purchaser (original + photocopy).
  • Photocopy of address proof of seller.
  • Photocopy of Pan FORM Card of seller.
  • Photocopy of Pan card of purchaser.
  • Photocopy of Money Receipt.
  • Photocopy of Delivery Note.
  • Photocopy of valid TAX TOKEN
  • Photocopy of valid INSURANCE.
  • Photocopy of valid POLLUTION UNDER CONTROL certificate.
  • Form 35 if hypothecation to be terminated -2 copies.
  • Form 34 if hypothecation to be endorsed -2 copies.
  • Contact number of seller.
  • Contact number of purchaser.
  • For Individual Sale :
    Both seller and purchaser to appear with valid photo identity proof and address proof in original for verification of sale before enquiring officer.

  • For Proprietorship Firm :
    Presence of proprietor with his/her proof of photo identity for confirmation of sale. Copy of other necessary documents- valid trade licence ( certificate of enlistment), copy of valid corporation/ municipal tax certificate.

  • For Partnership Firm :
    Either arrival of all partners for confirmation of sale or proper authorisation from the non arriving partners to the attending partner along with his /her proper identification (recent passport size photo duly attested by the partner affixed in letter of authorization) for confirmation of sale. Other necessary documents – Copy Of Partnership Deed, copy of valid trade licence (certificate of enlistment), copy of valid corporation/ municipal tax certificate.

  • For Limited Company :
    • R.O.C. net update for present status of regarding Board Of Directors.
    • Abstract Copy of Resolution of the Meeting of Board of Directors for particular vehicle.
    • Other necessary documents: copy of valid trade licence (certificate of enlistment), copy of valid corporation/ municipal tax certificate.
    • Proper authorization by all Board of Directors to the authorised signatory along with his/her proper photo identity (recent passport size photo duly attested by the directors affixed in the letter of authorization).

Documents to be submitted
  • Form 31
  • Form 30
  • Photocopy Of Death Certificate along with original.
  • Succession / survival member certificate issued by competent Authority.
  • Two Affidavits to be submitted sworn before First Class Magistrate :-

    • One to be submitted by the transferee establishing proper claim to be the legal transferee of the vehicle, properly mentioning details of “WILL” whether executed by the deceased owner of the vehicle & parental consent of the deceased owner if alive, separately or if dead –to be mentioned properly.
    • Another to be submitted by other legal heirs giving their consent/no objection in favour of the transferee.

  • Photocopy of valid Tax Token, Insurance, Pollution Under Control.
  • Letter from Financer either giving consent for transfer of ownership of the vehicle or for termination along with two copies
    of Form 35.
  • Address Proof of the transferee in original and photocopy.
  • Photocopy of Pancard of transferee.
  • Original and photocopy of Address Proof of all other legal heirs.

Any person who has acquired a vehicle at a public auction conducted by or on behalf of the state or central Govt. shall apply before the registering authority having jurisdiction, immediately and accompanied by the following documents:

  • Application in form 32.
  • Form 20.
  • Certificate of registration in original, in case of registered vehicle.
  • Original Sale certificate issued by the Auctioning Authority in favour of the new owner of the vehicle.
  • The certified copy of the order of the Sate or Central Govt. authority who auctioned the vehicle.
  • Proof of date of delivery of the vehicle.
  • Attested copies of insurance in favour of purchaser/pollution under control certificate.
  • Attested copy (by Gazetted Officer) of address proof.
  • Registration or Transfer of Ownership fee, as may be applicable.
  • Any other document as may be required.