As per Act registration of any private vehicle is done for a maximum period of 15 yrs. After completion of 15 yrs every registered owner is required to get the registration of his vehicle renewed and following documents are required:

  • Application in form 25.
  • Registration certificate in original.
  • Proof for the payment of up-to-date road tax paid.
  • Copies of insurance certificate/pollution under control certificate.
  • Copy of address proof.

The vehicle is to be brought to the local office for inspection of its road worthiness and if the vehicle is found to be fit for use on the roads; the renewal of registration is allowed for a period of five years at a time.

The transport vehicles require a valid Certificate of Fitness as well along with the registration certificate. Under the provisions of The M.V. Act, the registration of vehicle is treated as valid only if the vehicle have valid certificate of fitness.

In case of Commercial vehicles the fitness certificates is valid for 2 years in case of a new vehicle and subsequently it is renewed for one year.
The motor vehicle office where it is registered or is going to be registered is to be approached. The vehicle will be inspected by Motor Vehicle Inspector at the time of first registration and subsequent fitness for its road worthiness.

  • Registration certificate.
  • Form CFA.
  • Old C.O.F.
  • Copies of valid Tax Token/insurance certificate/pollution control certificate.

The vehicle is physically inspected by Motor Vehicles Inspectors for their actual roadworthiness. The vehicles that comply with the following norms are considered to be fit for use on road. Some of the items under the provisions of CMVR, 1989 for testing are:

Sl. No Items
1 Spark plug/Suppressor cap/high tension cables
2 Head lamp beams
3 Other lights
4 Reflectors
5 Bulbs
6 Rear view mirror
7 Safety glass
8 Embossing of chassis E/G
9 Horns
10 Painting
11 Wiper
12 Body
13 Silencer
14 Finishing
15 Road test
16 Dash board equipment
17 Pollution levels
18 Braking system
19 Speedometer
20 Steering gear
21 Others

You have to maintain your vehicle fit and roadworthy through out the year. Having a valid certificate of fitness is not enough.
the first case mechanical tests will decide whether the vehicle was roadworthy at the time of accident or not. If it is found that the vehicle was unfit for use on road, then the certificate of fitness will automatically stand suspended. You will have to repair the vehicle and produce the same for inspection-cum-restoration of the certificate of fitness on payment of twice the original fee..

In the second instance you will be held responsible for plying vehicle without valid registration and legal actions will be initiated against you.