Know Your Tax and Fees

File NameDownload
Life-Time Tax of Newly Registered Motor Cycle or Motor Cycle Combination Download
Life-Time Tax or One Tax on Motor Cars Omnibuses 1A Download
Life-Time Tax or One Tax on Motor Cars Omnibuses-1B Download
Owner of Motor Cycle or Motor Cycle Combination or Motorcar and Omnibus Download
Schedule Taxes on Auto Rickshaw Meter Taxi Download
Fees of International Driving License Conductor Temporary Registration Download
Registration Assignment of New Registration Mark Download
Showroom Inspection Fees Download
Issuance Duplicate Certificate of Registration Copy of Particulars Motor Vehicle Download
Grant or Renewal of Certificate of Fitness Download
Fees to Renewal Certificate of Fitness after Expiry Date Download
Assignment of Fancy Registration Mark Download
Fees for Transfer of Ownership of Vehicle Download
Fees to Change Address Residence Endorsement Re-Registration Download
Fees for Different Types of Permits Download
Fees to Duplicate or Transfer Permits Download
Fees for Pollution Control Copy Download
Rate Of Special Fees Vehicle G V W More Than 22542-Kgs Download